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Custom Hilight Reels for full games and or seasons - Football

RDPLEX offers full season highlight packages for teams along with distribution options for sales of the footage. We can cover full games with editing and or just the raw footage. If your looking for a professional highlight reel for your team then contact us @ 732.841.4462. Please see examples below.

(Location, dates, any info about the shoot)

All packages inlcude access to raw game footage and a final highlight reel.

  • Football Cinematography

    Shooting sports is one of our specialties. We can cover an entire event, focus on particular athletes for college recruiting type videos, or shoot from a vantage point ideal for for a coaching staff. We're also available to shoot entire seasons and produce a highlight reel used at banquets. All cameras shoot in 1080p HD for crisp motion and images.

    For coaching vantage points and recruiting videos, 1 camera is plenty but your more then welcome to hire additiona. For ideal coverage of an event we recommend using 3 cameras / vantage points. We call our cameramen / women the Tree, the Mole, and the Weasel. The tree is our biggest cam that will be stationed at the 50 yard line preferably in the press box capturing plays from a distance as they develop. Our Weasel is our mobile cam stationed on the field capturing action and sounds of the game up close. And the mole is another small cam used to capture all of the other elements of an event. The crowd, the tailgate, the locker room, the sounds and motions from the sidelines. This is the same approach used by NFL Films and makes for extraordinary coverage. Please contact us with your event details and we'll work with you in making your production a success.

    RDPLex specializes in football videography for recruiting videos, player isolation footage, and or team highlight videos. All of our packages are professionally shot in full 1080 HD for a life like picture and experience. RDPLex is readily available with a network of videographers to cover multiple games. Our network of videographers are also available to shoot scout footage. We recommend contacting us in advance to ensure availability.