• The Digital Experience

    Crisp. Candid. Motion. The Sounds, the precious moments frozen in 100th of second that can paint an entire lifetime. At RDPLEX we pay close attention to detail and customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

  • Our approach and pricing.

    We have packages and options for your wedding that make decisions much easier. Booking one company for both videography and photography has more perks then just saving a few dollars. Teamwork is everything in our line of work just like it is in marriage. When you hire the RDPLEX team, you're getting a professional group of individuals that are use to working with each other and producing the best digital experience.

  • Demo Reel

    RDPLEX has a more candid and laid back style when it comes to filming a wedding. It is your job to have the time of your life and ours to capture it for you. The best moments that we capture are the ones that you don't even know we are there. We'll ask for a pose from time to time and schedule a specific time slot for any photographs you would like but it is important to us that you enjoy your wedding. Happy faces, smiles, kisses, and a genuine tear here and there will make the day beautiful for everyone.

  • RDPLex is a leading provider of wedding videography in New Jersey but we have no problems traveling and certainly welcome destination weddings. This is a short demo reel that demonstrates our passion for capturing "that moment" along with the picture quality you can expect.


  • 1 Videographer 8 hours $1500
    6 hours $1200 / 4 hours $1000
    Includes 40-60 minute edited DVD.
  • 1 photographer 8 hours $1500
    6 hours $1200 / 4 hours $1000
    Includes 300+ photos on a disc and a 20 page album.
    • 8 hours, full service. $2500
      Staff: 1 photographer, 1 videographer
      Includes everything in the à la carte section.
    • 8 hours, full service. $3900
      6hrs/$3000 4 hours $2000
      Staff: 1 photographer, 1 videographer, 1 DSLR shooter (photos & video)
      Includes everything in the à la carte section.
      • 8 hours, full service $6000.
        6hrs/$5000 4hrs/$3500
        Staff: 2 photographers, 2 videographers, 1 sound engineer, 1 assistant.
        *Includes everything in the à la carte section.

      à la carte

      • External hard drive includes raw video and photo files. 1TB $500 - 500gig $300
      • BluRay Discs - 3 pack $250
      • DVDs 3 pack $50
      • 20 page albums from $150
      • 8x10 photos (10pk) $100
      • DVD with all photographs $50
      • Digital upload of all photographs $50
      • 2-4 minute internet trailer - $400
      • 10-15 minute short movie - $700
      • Engagement video and photo shoot $600. *ONLY INCLUDED with our $6000 package.