• <Lacrosse Ava Boethig Lacrosse Highlights
    (Soccer Highlights Below) Class of 2017

    If you would like to have your college recruiting reel filmed by RDPLEX please Contact us @ 732.841.4462.

  • Ava Boethig Soccer Highlights

    4K highlight packages are $750 for 3 games, $1150 for 6 games, and $1500 for 9 games. Raw footage is still provided in standard HD because file sizes in 4K are enormous however, your final highlight reel will be produced in 4k. You may also provide us with an external hard drive if you wish to archive uncompressed 4k footage for future use. . Please contact us with any questions @ 732.841.4462.

  • (Please tell us the sport and dates if possible)